How To Increase Social Media Followers Using OnePress Social Locker?

The boom in digital marketing is being highly credited to the traffic driven in by social media sites. Businesses operating online are largely targeting a wide audience by posting their offerings on popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Google+, etc. Marketing via such sites has been giving companies enormous response due to which brand building has become easier for them as they can easily provide their brand information to people across the globe.

But you may feel that some of your potential brand information which needs to be imparted and made viral is not receiving response from visitors as they not sharing them on social media. If you are continuing to place the social media icons on every page of your website and you are unable to get likes and shares as you expected, then you need to give your visitors a valid reason to do this job for you. Despite liking your content, visitors may not share your website link or content or invite people to like your website or webpage because they don’t know or they are not bothered what benefit you receive from them.

All your problems related to social media marketing have an awesome solution in the form of an amazing OnePress Social Locker WordPress plugin that can actually drive your visitors to do the content sharing work for you. You need to lock the content that visitors want to access and must prompt them to pay to enter your website in the form of Like/Tweet/+1 or offer discounts or free downloads for every share. If you want to know how to increase social media followers using OnePress Social Locker WordPress plugin, then here are some of its wonderful features that can enable you to put your visitors to work:

#1. Attract More Visitors Via Social Media

The plugin offers 8 social buttons, viz., Tweet, Like, +1, Facebook Share, Google+ Share, LinkedIn Share and YouTube that works in the same interface. Since each button has its individual settings, you can either use all these social buttons together or separately. When your visitors use any of these buttons, then the page or link will become visible to all the people in their friends list. Many of them may visit your site and they too may further like or share it and the process will go on.

#2. Increase The Number of Quality Fans & Followers

When you are a newbie, you may find it difficult to drive traffic on your website and getting fans and followers seem way too difficult. Social Locker WordPress plugin allows you to establish contacts with quality people who are ready to promote your site by sharing/ liking/ tweeting. You need to build connection with your visitors by locking popular content and letting your visitors know that the content can be unlocked if they become a fan or follower of your website.

#3. Improve Your SEO Ranking

For your website to appear on the first page of search engine results, you must ensure high performance in social media sites. Google search algorithm takes around 200 factors into account before displaying results and one of the most vital factors is social media. The top search results consist of websites that have high number of likes, shares or tweets. Make utmost use of Social Locker to enhance your presence in social media sites and thereby, improve your SEO ranking.

#4. Convert Visitors Into Potential Clients

Another great feature of the Social Locker WordPress plugin is that it provides you with powerful sign in buttons and you can lock your content and ask visitors to sign in via social media sites or through the e-mail ids. This is best way to compile a list of quality visitors’ e-mail ids or increase the number of subscribers and thereby mail them new offers or promotions regularly.

#5. Built-In Advanced Analytics

The Social Locker plugin comes with built in advanced analytics that help you to track the activity of users on your website. You can easily get data about how the lockers on different pages are getting response and this data assists you in analysing how you can effectively use the lockers to improve your site’s performance.

#6. Lower Bounce Rates

Since the Social Locker plugin comes with attractive and sophisticated styling, your visitors are guaranteed to pay more interest in viewing the webpage. When they access your site by liking or sharing your website’s URL in social media sites, then there are higher chances that they will stay longer on your website. Therefore, when you install Social Locker plugin on a particular page, then you will witness lower bounce rates on that page.

#7. 4 Types Of Locks

This unconventional plugin is featured with 4 types of locks that allows you to lock content manually through shortcodes or set up batch lock through Skip & Lock or More Tag or CSS Selector.

#8. Mobile Optimized 

Since more and more people are preferring to access websites via mobile phones or tablets, the Social Locker WordPress plugin is compatible with mobile devices too.

#9. Professional Themes

The Social Locker themes have been styled to be professional and it doesn’t look loud or flashy. There are 5 unique theme options which can be easily installed and customised to suit your website’s appeal and layout.

10. Smart Targeting

Smart targeting is a feature of this plugin that helps you to set your targets for your webpages. You can easily set locker on high traffic pages of your website and you can configure the locker to appear only for visitors who are either accessing your site from PC or are unregistered users.

#11. Fast Loading & Delayed Content

Social Locker plugin is well optimized and it doesn’t cause your website to load slow. It doesn’t affect the loading times and in fact, it loads the locked content via AJAX only when your website’s visitor has liked or shared or tweeted your webpage.

#12. Prompt Support

WordPress guarantees free support for Social Locker plugin too. It assures to resolve all the problems you face from installing to using this plugin within 1 business day.

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