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Founded in the year 2001, InMotion has been a top player in the hosting business and has earned global popularity as one of the fastest shared hosting providers. Despite offering VPS and dedicated servers, the company has attained the pinnacle of success by being one of the largest independently operated shared hosting companies worldwide.

Claiming to offer better and impeccable hosting services than the competitors, InMotion shared business hosting is a great solution for static websites, custom applications and database driven content management systems (CMS). Customers get to build stunning and intuitive websites quickly with InMotion’s free drag and drop website builder and can get WordPress, PrestaShop or Joomla installed while checking out. Moreover, what more can customers ask for than a $14.99 valued domain name included for absolutely free!


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InMotion Shared Hosting

InMotion Shared Business Hosting Features:

  1. 90 Day Guarantee

The reputation InMotion has earned through its years of experience and expertise motivates the company to offer 90 day full money back guarantee so that customers can confidently invest their money at right place.

  1. Secure IMAP E-Mail

The company is one of the few hosts to offer reliable e-mail service through IMAP for easily accessing mails any where from multiple devices. InMotion hosts e-mail that is compatible with all desktop clients like Apple Mail and Outlook and operates on any Blackberry, Android or iPhone device.

  1. Choose Your Data Centre

For catering to the crucial virtual business needs such as high performance websites, faster downloads and e-mails, InMotion hosts multiple data centres, premium bandwidth providers and highly advanced technology for routing to be the best in class. With 2 different data centres located in US – East Coast (Washington DC) and West Coast (Los Angeles CA), you can choose your maximum speed zone.

  1. Free SSD drives

All the InMotion shared business hosting plans are written on extremely trusted Samsung SSD drives. In comparison to traditional hard disk drives, Solid State Drives (SSD) offer faster reading and writing speeds implying speedy delivery of content from static website, custom-built application, blog or online store to the target audience.

  1. Free Domain

Having an extra domain name registered can be of great help in future and InMotion gives you an excellent opportunity to get a domain name at no cost with their shared business hosting plan. In case, you don’t want to buy the free domain during checkout, your account will always have a free domain credit that you can use later.

  1. Free One Click Installer

Manually installing software can be very exhausting and this is why, InMotion shared business hosting plans come with a choice of over 310 applications. With one click auto installer softaculous,  you can easily keep your blog or online store update with a single click and even un-install latest updates in case you preferred the previous settings.

  1. Free Data Backups

What comes as a yet unique feature of the InMotion shared business hosting is that they help in protecting your data from loss by backing up data time to time. While other hosting service providers charge a fair amount to offer you this feature, InMotion does this for you free of charge.

  1. Coding In Many Languages

Website developers can make optimum use of latest languages such as PHP, Python, PERL, Ruby, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc., to build their website. Along with the secure SSH access, the InMotion shared business hosting plans are also enabled with WP-CLI for easy management of WordPress.  

  1. Google Apps Integration

With Google apps hosted in the cPanel, you can use the three step GUI wizard to set up your Google apps within minutes.

  1. SSH Access

The shared hosting plans come integrated with secured and remote access via SSH for easily conducting administering activities such as changing permissions, monitoring logs, quickly running commands, restarting services and securely managing databases using the command line.

  1. Web Design Hosting

InMotion’s shared business hosting plans also include an easy to use web builder called ‘WYSIWYG’, which is fully compatible with popular website design software such as iWeb and Adobe Dreamweaver.


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