5 Ways To Move Your Entire Business In Cloud

We are in the transition phase from manual storage of documents to virtual work environment and while the technology is advancing at the speed of an eye’s blink, you will never know how saving documents on your hard drive will become a thing of the past. Google’s spreadsheet program’s recent update indicates how important it has becomes for businesses to enable virtual sharing and working on company’s documents. Keeping in view the endeavour of businesses to crack the best price deal when it comes to making capital expenditure in the IT resources, many of them are opting the cloud computing services that are highly efficient in terms of cost, security and performance.

Instead of making huge expenses on IT infrastructure, if you decide to wisely invest your capital on cloud services then you can manage your business any time and any where. If you think you are already managing your business virtually, then ask yourself do you find yourself giving excuses for not presenting a piece of data during meetings? Do you often check for storage space on your computer? Do you spare time on weekends to reach your office and complete some urgent piece of work? If yes, then you need to adapt your business to this revolutionary technology that is changing the way companies work in this highly competitive age.

The basic advantage of moving your business to cloud is the flexibility to work from a distance or instantly accessing documents to be presented at important client meetings and you even get relieved of the worry of updating your IT infrastructure periodically. Thereby, flexibility with savings alongside great performance is the basic reason why businesses must put their entire operations on cloud and here is the perfect guide to give a great virtual start to your business:-

  1. Use Salesforce For Customer Management

Salesforce is a cloud computing company that is designed to offer customer relationship management services (CRM) that is broken down into various categories such as Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Data Cloud, Collaboration Cloud, etc. This tool enables you to keep a track of your customers at one place while its customer portal provides customers to track their own cases. You can easily have access to files and customer complaints and can also share them.

  1. Avail The Online Payroll Services

This is one of the most important function of the Human Resource department that consumes many hours for which they have to spend extra hours at the office. But when you avail the online payroll services, then all the essential reports and pay structures along with other HR policies can be easily referred even on phone at any place outside company premises. So even when you are not at office, you can still credit salaries to your employees’ accounts on time.

  1. Store Documents In Box Or Dropbox

Box and Dropbox offer online file sharing and free storage services along with cloud storage, file synchronisation and client storage. These services have adopted freemium business model and allows you to create a special folder on their computers, which then synchronises to appear as the same folder regardless of which computer is being used to access it. Users are offered this services for free for a designated storage space and for increased space, users need to choose their favourable subscription options. It is less expensive in comparison to physical storage and provides premium security as document recovery process even after disaster is not complex.

  1. Make Effective Use Of Google Drive

One of the initiators and the most popular file storage and synchronisation service by Google is Google Drive that allows users to edit documents, presentations and spreadsheets and also enables to collaborate, share and store files in the cloud. Google Drive comprises of an office suite that is devised to collaboratively edit documents, presentations, spreadsheets, forms, drawing, etc along with Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. No matter if you are on the go or on a holiday, you can easily work on your data on any device any where.

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  1. Do Accounting Online

There are various online accounting apps available on the Internet that makes book keeping and accounting so simple that you don’t need an accounting degree or you are not required to be a mathematician or a computer programmer to operate it. With online accounting apps such as QuickBooks Online, FreshBooks, KashFlow, Nutcache, etc., you don’t need any software but you still have invoices, expenses and income statements ready in hand. There are many such apps that makes handling all your accounting work easier than ever.